Best Keypad Phone In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Keypad Phone In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching for the best keypad phone? Then you are in the right place. Today most of the people use keypad phone beside smartphone. We have organized a list of the best keypad phone available in India.

There is a large amount of affordable keypad mobile phone in the market. Among them it’s a very tricky task to choose the best one. We have listed down the available keypad phones.

Our selection process is based on a few prime factors like Battery, display, price, durability, speaker quality and warranty. We have kept only those products in our list which have surpassed these factors.

After consulting with 3 experts and running 15 days of tests with 16 top keypad phones, we found a list of the best. Read the article to choose the appropriate keypad phone for you.

Best Keypad phone

Product Name Battery Display Weight Check Price
Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E 800 mAh 2 inch 191 gm Check Price

Nokia 216

1020 mAh 2.4 inch 81.6 gm Check Price

Nokia 105

800 mAh 1.8 inch 72.6 gm Check Price
Nokia 3310 1200 mAh 2.4 inch 59 gm Check Price

Samsung Metro XL

1200 mAh 2.8 inch 249 gm Check Price

1. Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E- Best Keypad Phone 2019 In India

Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E

Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B310E

  • FM Radio, FM Recording
  • 2-Inch (5.1 centimeters) QQVGA display with 128 x 160 pixels resolution
  • Memory expandable up to 16GB and dual SIM (GSM GSM)

Guru Music 2 is one of the best keypad phones in Samsung. Personally I use this phone on regular basis. I had bought it on 2018. For building this list our team members have experienced lots of keypad phone. Everyone has voted this phone for the first position.

Interface of this phone is awesome, everyone can easily operate this phone. No need to have any knowledge to operate this phone. Samsung makes its interface for every users. It has a very slim look and can easily fit in your pocket.

In my opinion the biggest selling for Samsung Guru Music 2 is it’s smart but simple design, light weight and quality of music. It has a removable Li-Ion 800 mAh battery. Thus battery backup of this phone is excellent. There is no need to charge for a couple of days. The phone doesn’t get heated up on charging. If you are a talkative person and spend lots of time with your partner over phone then this is the best option for you.

Things We Like

• Dual SIM
• Battery Backup
• Display
• Music Player
• Simple & ergonomic design
• Easily fits in pocket
• Light weight
• FM radio

Things We Don’t Like

• No Bluetooth

Bottom Line

There are so many other features in this phone. Music player has superb quality, you will feel relax. When you feel bored you can play game Sudoku and enjoy the FM radio.

2. Nokia 216- Best Keypad Phone 2G In India

Nokia 216

Nokia 216

  • 0.3MP primary camera with LED flash, Nickel-free surface
  • 6.096 centimeters (2.4-inch) QVGA display with 230 x 320 pixels resolution
  • 16MB RAM expandable memory up to 32GB and dual SIM (2G+2G)

Nokia 216 is a keypad phone with multiple smart features. I would like to call it a complete package. After exploring each feature of this phone, it will definitely blow your mind.

Nokia is the king for building keypad phones. However, the company didn’t forget its roots. They continue making handsets that keep the memories of old Nokia intact in a fresh & new feel. Nokia 216 is one such handset that successfully brings back the trust & faith of Nokia in a new design.

The most amazing feature of this phone is you can browse on the web and play java games. You will find a rear and a selfie camera. Most surprisingly there is a flash light. It contains 1020 mAH lithium-ion battery. So this phone provides us an excellent battery life moreover then two days. Weight of this phone is light. It seems easy to me to carry this phone on pocket. We had tried to browse on the web and also used the Facebook in it. Truly it’s not that much faster but can help you well when you haven’t your smart phone.

Things We Like
• Dual SIM
• 2.4 inch LCD screen
• primary camera with LED flash
• Battery Backup
• FM Radio
• Internet access (2G Internet)
• Video Player 

Things We Don’t Like

• Net Browsing speed

Bottom Line

The phone has a 2.4 inch LCD screen. You can watch nice and bright video there. The device has a fantastic video player. Our experience over FM radio and Java games were so good.

3. Nokia 105- Best Keypad Phone Low Price In India


Nokia 105

Nokia 105

  • 4.572 centimeters (1.8-inch) display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution
  • S30+ operating system, 4MB RAM, 4MB internal memory and dual SIM (2G+2G)
  • 800mAH lithium-ion battery

If you are looking for something in low pricing this can be the best option for you. As we know Nokia has a huge popularity for keypad phone. This is the budget pick phone on our list.

We have used its island keypad which is much easier for texting and dialing. We found an ergonomic designed phone after open the box. This phone gives you the feeling of a solid, quality phone nestled in the palm of your hand. Nokia has build this phone with poly-carbonate shell that keeps its color even when scratched. It has a built-in flashlight and pre-loaded games including the classic Snake Xenzia, there’s never a dark or dull moment.

Furthermore Nokia provides you 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase.

Things We Like
• Ergonomic Design
• Keypad
• Handy
• Light Weight
• Dual SIM 

Things We Don’t Like

• N/A

Bottom line

You will get a better view for 1.8″ QVGA display size . We have got 15 hours talk time though it has 800 mAH lithium-ion battery. You can pass your bored time by listening the FM radio. This keypad phone is well known for its affordable price.

4. Nokia 3310- Best Keypad Phone With Whatsapp In India

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

  • Dual SIM phone
  • 2.4-inch (6.1 cm) screen
  • 22 hours talk time

Everyone was hyped when Nokia announced their comeback. To honor the nostalgia, it decided to launch its infamous Nokia 3310 once again. It has 1200 mAh battery which gives you best outcome. We were shocked when we got talk-time up to 22 hours.

When our team open the box they found a phone with nice design and fresh look. But the design keeps hues of the old one, which is quite nostalgic. User interface of the phone is friendly to us. The beautiful push buttons and iconic shaped design gives the phone the legendary look. It makes the phone a charm to hold in your hand. You will forget to charge your device very less and it will add a lot of advantage to your daily life.

There are many more features for surprising you. Nokia 3310 comes with 3G network. You can browse here so easily. The camera has digital zoom technology and image resolution is 1600*1200 pixels. This phone also contains LED flash.

Things We Like
• Dual SIM
• Battery Backup
• Display
• 2 MP Camera
• Image Resolution
• Stylish Design
Things We Don’t Like

• Net Browsing speed

Bottom Line

This nostalgic phone has an excellent smart look. You will be satisfied for the feedback. The game snake is main interesting for 90’s people.

5. Samsung Metro XL SM-B355E- Best Keypad Phone Under 4000 In India

Samsung Metro XL SM-B355E

Samsung Metro XL SM-B355E

  • 3.1 MP rear camera with LED flash,2 MP front camera
  • 208MHz single core processor, 64MB RAM,128 MB of ROM, and up to 16 GB Micro SD
  • Earjack 3.5mm Stereo,very good and high clarity Sound,FM Radio

Here we will again share our experience on a Samsung keypad phone. Samsung Metro is the best keypad phone at this price range in the market. Some of our team members use this phone regularly. The battery backup of the phone is lasting about a day if you are a regular user.

For music lover it is one of the best options in keypad phones world. It has a good sound quality. With 3.5 mm stereo ear jack you will get introduced to a new atmosphere. In this price range camera has stunned the users like us. It contains 2 MP front camera and 3.1 MP rear camera with LED flash.

It has a feature of internet facility and a dual sim facility which is good. After using these entire features we didn’t face any heating issue. This phone hasn’t also lagging issue.

Things We Like
• Display
• Battery Backup
• Camera
• Single Core Processor
• Earjack 3.5 mm Stereo
• Speaker
Things We Don’t Like

• Heavy Weighted (249) gm

Bottom Line

The looks of the phone seems premium to us. For solving your storage problem it has enough internal memory which can be used for saving of data. Overall we will suggest you the phone at this price range.

Buying Guide-What Knowledge You Should Take When Choosing The Best Keypad Phone?

Planning to buy the best keypad phone in India is not that easy now. Nowadays many reputed mobile brands are offering a variety of models. Though a keypad phone is not that expensive but you should be careful about buying this product. You will spend your hard earned money on it so why not buy the best in all respects and worth price range.

The selection of the best keypad phone depends on several factors like battery backup, talk time, brand, durability, keypad and price. Down below we have discussed about the crucial parameters or factors that you should look for buying a keypad phone.

1. Battery

This is the main or you can say big issue that you should consider before purchasing the best keypad phone. Without a perfect battery backup you wouldn’t like to use a keypad mobile. For better talk-time you need better battery. Nokia 3310 gives the most talk-time in our list.

2. Display

It is another parameter to find out the best keypad phone. Display in keypad mobile is not that important like smart phone. But you need clear display for watching the messages, numbers or other option. In our top choice Nokia 105 has the smallest display while Samsung Metro has the biggest one.

3. Memory

The person who use keypad phone most of the time they like to listen music through it. Notice that the phone has expandable memory. You can store your important data or a huge number of songs there.

4. Weight

An important feature of keypad phone is, it should be carry in pocket. We have experienced 16 models of keypad phone. Most of the phones are below 200 gm without Samsung Metro. It’s weight is 249 gm. Nokia 3310 has the least weight of 59 gm.

How Conducted The Tests For Keypad Phone?

Keypad phones are progressively suspicious to test. Some might need to utilize it for an awesome battery backup and some might need to keep it for talking. You can’t test such items dependent on set parameters. Notwithstanding, regardless we shaped a lot of parameters that every one of the keypad phone should be durable, have light weight, have good battery backup and so on.

We brought 16 unique models that we thought about best keypad phone in India and assessed them dependent on the previously mentioned parameters for very nearly 15 days. We likewise got 3 mobile specialists on board to enable us to distinguish the five keypad mobile in India. They exhibited their perspectives on all phones.

For understanding the overall performance, we tried the items as every person uses it regularly. This hands-on experience helped us to compare the usability and durability of various mobile.

We also went through various reviews sites and contacted brand managers of the mobile to learn more about the model. Client reviews really helped us understand how the mobile performs after a few months of sale.

Product Battery Keypad Display Overall Performance Check Price
Samsung Guru Music 2 98 97 98 97.7 Check Price
Nokia 216 98.5 96.5 97 97.3 Check Price
Nokia 105 96.5 97 96 96.5 Check Price
Nokia 3310 95.5 96 97 96.1 Check Price
Samsung Metro XL 95 94.5 96 95.2 Check Price


1. Which brand provides the durable keypad phone?

If we talk about keypad phones there is only one brand who can provide you the most durable phone in the market and that is Nokia. Nokia cannot grab the place for smartphone but no one can remove their place from keypad mobile world. In our list Nokia 105 is the most durable phone.

2. Which phone contains the best battery backup?

Before measuring the battery backup you should have a glance on the battery capacity. According to battery capacity Samsung Guru Music 2 is the best for now.

Final Thought

Keypad phone is something that will always stay with you. The experience for each is unique. It is essential to understand what experience you need from your keypad mobile.