7 Best TDS Meter in India for Drinking Water

7 Best TDS Meter in India for Drinking Water

If you wish to have safe drinking water at home, then you should buy a good quality TDS meter. There are many different options available, and you should search for the best one that suits you the most.

Getting the TDS reading is vital because it will help you know whether the water you are drinking is safe.

Best TDS Meter in India

1. Generic digital

It is one of the best TDS measuring machine, and some of the features include:

• Measures TDS of water

• Checks the range

• It also helps in knowing ATS

• It also measures the temperature

2. Ionix

If you are looking for a reasonable budget water TDS meter, you can check out for this brand called Ionix. It has some of the best features, and they include:

• It is easy to use

• It is aesthetic

• It can also be used at many other installations like swimming pool

• It comes with a case

• It is safe and an excellent way to measure TDS

3. Generic Digital TDS 3

If you are looking forward to a TDS meter that can also help in measuring the temperature, you can opt for this particular TDS meter model. It is a good option because of the features it holds:

• It is a good and reliable TDS meter

• It helps in measuring the temperature too

• It has a hold function too

• It is easy to use.

4. HM digital AP

This brand of TDS meter is equally good, and it can offer you the exact TDS reading. It would be better to know the interpretation, and hence you can buy this best product with some great features:

• It has a unique indicator that would show low battery

• Along with TDS you will also be able to determine the temperature

• It has a water-resistant body

• It is easy to operate

5. Wellon Digital

Looking for a good TDS meter? Well, you can opt for a famous brand called Wellon Digital. Look at the features given below:

• It is cost-effective

• This is a TDS meter and also a temperature measurer

• It also has a clip and belt and hence holding it will be easy

• It comes with a case too

6. Yuv’s

If you are looking for a TDS meter that is explicit to be bought for RO, then this particular brand is a good option. The features include:

• Best in quality

• TDS meter along with temperature check

• Best for RO water filter

• Easy to use

• Auto switch off

7. GSK TD3

This TDS meter is a good option whether you are looking for something for commercial or domestic use. You can go through the features before you buy the same:

• Easy to use

• Apt for business and home use

• Checks temperature too

With all the seven options, you will find it easy to select a good TDS meter. Investing in an appliance that helps you get safe drinking water will make a good difference. Check out for the best options and see how you will find it easy to get the right deal.